Čtyři dny | Four days

Please The Trees & Elpida (CZ)

/ Concert, Festival program 2013
  • Saturday Feb 12 / 20:30, Palác U Stýblů

The joint musical project between indie rockers Please The Trees and the senior-citizens’ choir Elpida is an unconventional but excellently functioning combination 

Following its own, individual path, distinctive Tábor band Please The Trees has built itself a solid foundation on the domestic as well as foreign music scene. In 2012, the band’s third album A Forest Affair won the Angel Award in the alternative music category.

In 2010 the band’s lead singer, Václav Havelka III, participated in a campaign against senior discrimination, during which he performed PTT songs with the senior citizens’ choir Elpida.

The choir of 20 women has been singing under the guidance of choirmaster Zuzana Seibertová since the autumn of 2010, and has appeared at summer music festivals and at small music clubs.

“Being on stage with the band is amazing, although our eardrums have taken a real pounding. But the musicians get so wild that they are literally pouring with sweat. And that gets us fired up, too,” says one of the choir’s members, 72-year-old Emílie.

In 2012, Please The Trees and Elpida recorded a joint EP. Through this joint project, Elpida hopes to contribute to changing public perception of senior citizens.