Čtyři dny | Four days

The Tchendos

//sold out//

/ Concert
  • Tuesday Aug 21 / 8.30 pm, Casino
Price: 150 CZK

The Tchendos at 4+4 Days in Motion. A great honor, a great challenge, and a great commitment. All this in a building where we can still smell the stench of socialist students’ shirts and businessmen’s suits. First the KGB-directed student union, then a casino for the same people. What to do with it? The right time to drive out the evil spirits. The Tchendos are glad to help. Their electro-punk performance will shake the building to its foundations. The band has been around since ‘96; their concerts are short but lively. One LP, tons of singles; their only friend: Radio 1. A mix of dance, love, and politics. Don’t know them yet? Big mistake.

seznam umělců: The Tchendos (Pete Kreff, Kejda, Karel IV., Wokurka)
host: Charlie One
djs: Voita (breakbeat.cz, The Tchendos djs) / Wokurka (The Thendos dis)


[youtube YyjbE9VizzM]