Čtyři dny | Four days


symposium about site specific NonGalleries

/ Symposium
  • Wednesday Mar 7 / 4.30 pm, Casino
free entry

An afternoon dedicated to nearly two dozen of the most important (non)galleries (galleries operating in an unconventional manner or in unusual places) throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

They are autonomous, independent, and flexible. Most of them are never closed. They resonate with local audiences, and tend to work creatively with a particular place. You will find them in a never completed funeral hall, a cemetery, the window display of an empty store, the hallway of an apartment, a courtyard passageway, on a street with a large puddle, in the display cases of a functional auto repair shop, in a graffiti-covered pedestrian underpass, on a railway turntable, a railway station platform, a bus stop, but also in an empty wallet or working refrigerator …

One thing that is clear, however, is that these unique, seemingly bohemian artistic projects are the result of the concentrated effort of the organizers, curators, artists, and enthusiasts who will participate in today’s gathering not only to present their galleries, but also to mutually enrich and inspire each other by sharing their experiences. You will find out what motivated them to establish and operate their non-galleries, and will hear about their dreams, limitations, and possibilities.

Symposium participants:

  • Galerie Na shledanou /Volyně/
  • Galerie Umakart /Brno/
  • Galerie Jádro /Brno/
  • Galerie Anne Frank Memorial /Brno/
  • Vitrína Deniska /Olomouc/
  • Galerie Kaluž /Ostrava/
  • Vitrínky /Ústí nad Labem/
  • Galerie Buňka /Ústí nad Labem/
  • Fresh Air Gallery /Plzeň/
  • Walk Thru Gallery /Hradec Králové/
  • Ukradená galerie /Český Krumlov, Praha, Banská Štiavnica a další/
  • Galerie m.odla /Praha/
  • Berlínskej model a Galerie Ferdinanda Baumanna /Praha/
  • Projekt plus /Praha/, Galerie Fenester /Praha/
  • Festival Fotograf /Praha/
  • Chladnička Miry Gaberovej /Bratislava/
  • Nástupište 1-12 /Topolčany/
  • Galerie v peněžence /various places/
    a další.