Čtyři dny | Four days

He Who Laughs

Art about the art world

/ Lecture, Projection
  • Saturday Dec 19 / 6 pm, Casino
free entry

This evening of film screenings presents a series of videos that go “to the second degree” – works that take a look inside the art world or that zigzag through the terrain described by art history. The videos include commentaries on an intimately familiar environment and dialogues with “artistic ancestors” that cite or downright appropriate their works. At times they feel like monologue, at other times like an in-depth meditation. We see artists coming to terms with the burden of the canon through sarcastic observations, recipes for success, and by reliving past experiences. They mythicize themselves or turn an ironic eye on the torturous nature of their own ambition. It is impossible to tell who laughs last and who laughs loudest.

A selection from the video archives of the AVU Research Centre will also be released on DVD as the fourth release in the VIDA series.

Presented artists: Jesper Alvaer, Adéla Babanová, Ondřej Brody a Kristofer Paetau, Jan Brož, Vladimír Havlík, Anetta Mona Chişa a Lucia Tkáčová, Zuzana Krkošková, František Lozinski o. p. s., Marek Meduna, Michal Pěcouček, Rafani, Jiří Surůvka, Miloš Šejn and Pavel Švec. Curators: Terezie Nekvindová and Sláva Sobotovičová

Presented in collaboration with the Academic Research Centre of the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU
Research Centre). http://vvp.avu.cz/en