Čtyři dny | Four days

Contemporary Slovak video art

curator: Lukáš Matejka

/ Lecture, Projection
  • Sunday Mar 24 / 7 pm, Casino
  • Thursday Jun 10 / 7 pm, Casino
free entry

Where we encounter the limits of film, cinematic narrative and language, video art as an artistic medium moves them back and tears them down. Video art is neither film nor short film. Its boundaries are difficult to define. Video art is an independent linear or non-linear moving image, presented as a work of art. The collection “svKulTur videoart” focuses on linear video art. The evening screening presents works by Slovak artists Michaela Bottková, Pavlína Fichta Čierna, Ľudmila Horňáková, Mária Júdová, Peter Kalmus, Beata Kolbašovská, Milan Mazúr, Michal Murin, Martin Palkov, Tomáš Rafa, and Ondrej Vozárik. These artists represent a range of artistic approaches – different themes, subjects, and visual approaches. The presented works include classical video art, social video art, video performances, footage from happenings and social events, video art reports, contemporary dance as video art, found footage, and experimental film. The thematically and artistically diverse program is curated by Lukáš Matejka, himself an artist and the author of numerous works of video art. Matejka has a long-standing interest in the medium of video art, as reflected in the long-running international project Videoart Match . This program is part of svKulTur, a project for the promotion of contemporary Slovak art abroad. The project is financed in part by the Slovak Ministry of Finance.

Program within the project svKulTur with the support of the Ministry of Culture Slovak Republic.