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Čtyři dny | Four days

Handa Gote Research & Development


/ Theatre
  • Thursday May 25 / 7.30 pm, Alfred ve dvoře Theatre
    / admission 200 CZK, discounted 100 CZK

Czech premiere!

The six-year-old Czech artistic ensemble Handa Gote, whose philosophy is influenced by (among other things) minimalism, often focuses on so-called “small histories.” This time around, the ensemble takes a look into its own personal archives. Choreographer and dancer Veronika Švábová (who has collaborated with the Forman Brothers Theater, Krepsko, and the National Theater) explores her family history, looking for important moments and seeming trivia that remain in the memory of her family to this day. She then asks: What do we really remember, and what is our imagination? What does “family” actually mean today? And who still knows how to bake “clouds?”

Prepared by: Veronika Švábová, Tomáš Procházka, Jakub Hybler, Robert Smolík

Duration: 60 min