Čtyři dny | Four days

Places of Act 2014

PLACES OF ACT 2014 – A SITE-SPECIFIC PROJECT FOR The PALÁC U STÝBLŮ (wenceslas square) And the ÚLUV building (národní třída)

An exhibition of 40 artists, plus events and street games in the public space, theater premieres, site-specific performances, walking tours, discussions, lectures, a symposium, concerts, an art bar

Places of Act 2013 – Palác u Stýblů

A site-specific project for Palác U Stýblů and Wenceslas square

Palác U Stýblů (The Stýblo Palace) – the site of Places of Act 2013 – attracted our interest not only in its size and grandiose nature, but also because it is in a state prior to renovation.

Festival 2011 document trailer

Place of Act 2009

Site specific project for the former Federal Assembly – new building of the National Museum and International theatre festival 4+4 Days in Motion 2009

This year we decided to create the festival’s meeting point at the former Federal Assembly building. In the 19th century a wooden theatre arena stood on its location. The Prague Stock Exchange was built here during the First Republic and Parliament occupied the building from 1946. The modern building of the National, or if you will Federal Assembly designed by Karel Prager was built in 1967-1973. After Parliament was moved from the building in 1992, Radio Free Europe became its tenant until 2009. Extensive renovations are planned for 2011-2015 during which the building will be transformed into the new building of the National Museum.

Places of Act 2010

Site specific project for former Institute of Folk Art Production (ÚLUV), Národní 36, Prague 1

Exhibitions, forum of the future, site performance, videoart, architectural lectures, pro city walks – commented tours of exhibitions, building and its surroundings, film, art bar and others.

Places of Act 2011

Site specific project for former Institute of Folk Art Production (ÚLUV), Národní 36, Prague 1 and Vršovice

The former Center for Folk Art Production (ÚLUV) and Prague’s Vršovice district are the Places of Act for the year 2011. Last year’s dramatic concept for the ÚLUV building focused primarily on the architecture and history of this functionalist jewel on Národní třída, which has somewhat unfortunately been hidden under layers of advertising and billboards for many years. The building itself became an indoor stage for lectures, discussions and guided tours with interesting individuals one way or another associated with the building, while invited artists created a series of site-specific projects for the building’s shop windows on Národní třída. We plan to continue in this vein.