Čtyři dny | Four days

Places of Act 2012

A site specific project for the former casino building on Prague’s Pařížská Street

This year’s festival space is located on one of the most expensive streets in the world. The Brutalist former headquarters of the International Union of Students and later the Happy Day Casino sits at the very foot of posh Pařížská (Paris) Street, the showcase of the contemporary world, where a handbag costs as much as an automobile. Here, the old Jewish Town merges with the consumerist desires of an upscale shopping avenue.

Project No. 4

Lenka Klodová

Artistic residency August 8th–15th, 2010 Bátovce (SK)

artistic residency

Project No. 2

Tomáš Vaněk (CZ)

26th – 30th May 2010, Pécs (Hungary)

within the project „Apartment Adventure – Tour“

Places of Act IV. 2012

Use Your Public Space

The project of artists and organizations of the Visegrad 4 – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic

Places of Act is a highly successful project involving public spaces, which for the past several years has been working to inject art into the life of cities and their inhabitants. As the project’s organizers, we are extremely pleased to be able to see the concrete results of reshaping public space and increased interest in it. In past years, cooperation among the Visegrad countries has been highly successful and so we are again joining forces with partners from Budapest, Krakow, and Bratislava in order to create a project aimed at caring for and respecting our shared public space. The project also involves the shared history of these countries, which still need to learn how to take care of and nurture their public space.

Out of The Box – projects designed for the public space

Four Days in the frame of Intersection – Prague Quadriennale of performance design and space 2011

The art projects from the areas of theatre, dance, and the visual arts presented in this section work intensively with place, responding to the architecture, scenography, and design of public space. The selected artists address the subject of architecture and urbanism in a city where one can be an active participant, spatial catalyst, and true spectator of a new image of scenography. The selected projects present various different artistic approaches and ways of working with public space – site-specific projects, interventions, improvisation, performance art, or installations. The project’s main dramaturgical theme is playfulness, the tracing and exploration of the city’s iconography, and a shared interest in communicating about public space primarily with the city’s inhabitants.

Program coordinator Out of the Box – Projects for Public Space: Denisa Václavová

Places of Act III.

Use your public space

Places of Act Krakow, Places of Act Budapest, Places of Act Bratislava

The project of artists and organizations of the Visegrad Four – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Places of Act is an interactive art project in public space situated in places with similar history but different present. We have created a project with the aim of taking care and having respect to our common public space together with our partner organizations from Budapest, Krakow and Bratislava. The project contains a site-specific project with the emphasis on close international cooperation with similar organisations; however, they have various art points of view of solving the problem of public space (architectonic, urban, community projects, residential programs, cultural policy etc).