Čtyři dny | Four days

IN SITU Network

The European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space




IN SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public space. It is led by Lieux publics, European and national centre for artistic creation in public space, France. Since 2003, it has supported more than 270 artists to develop their creations, adapt them and make them tour all over Europe, following the artists through all the steps: artistic laboratories, support for production and adaptation, residences,

In 2020, IN SITU has been granted by the European Commission to develop a new cooperation project, called (UN)COMMON SPACES, running from November 2020 until October 2024.

A strong history of cooperation

IN SITU relies on a well-established partnership backed by seventeen years of cooperation. Several successive projects have created a relationship of trust where partners share the same values and goals across south, north and central Europe. Convinced that the human connections are key to a good cooperation, the introduction of new partners has always been progressive.

The 19 partners of (UN) COMMON SPACES

While most of the partners were already in previous IN SITU projects, the network is welcoming new ones as well (see detailed presentation of partners).

  • Lieux publics, Marseille, France – Project Leader
  • Artopolis Association, Budapest, Hungary
  • Atelier 231, Sotteville-Les-Rouen, France
  • Čtyři Dny / Four Days, Prague, Czech Republic
  • FiraTàrrega, Tàrrega, Spain
  • Freedom Festival, Hull, The United Kingdom
  • Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Vermont The United States of America
  • La Strada, Graz, Austria
  • Metropolis, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Norwich, The United Kingdom
  • Oerol Festival, Terschelling, The Netherlands
  • Østfold Internasjonale Teater, Fredrikstad, Norway
  • Oda, Pristina, Kosovo
  • Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof, Pelt,Belgium
  • Scène Nationale De L’Essonne, Agora-Desnos, Évry, France
  • An Association of 4 Italian partners: Zona K, Milano, Indisciplinarte, Terni, Pergine Festival, Teatro Stabile Di Sardegna


The 13 associate partners of IN SITU

IN SITU initiates lighter forms of collaborations with other organisations outside of the main partners’ network.

  • Research & Education: Cifas, Brussels, Belgium, FAI-AR, Marseille, France
  • Cultural Operators – Europe: Anti Festival, Finland, Biela Noc, Slovakia, Bússola, Portugal, Bildstörung – Festival for performing arts in public spaces, Germany, Tombées de la Nuit, France, The SPOT Festival, Lithuania
  • Cultural Operators – Asia: Hoooh – Tainan, Street Arts Festival, Taiwan, Linhai Art Festival, China, Seoul Street Arts Festival, South Korea, Start Festival, China, Sura Medura, Sri Lanka




At a time when European societies are undergoing considerable changes, art must be at the forefront to offer new perspectives. To rebuild the pact between art and society, more and more artists are leaving conventional spaces to work in and with the public space, in direct contact with citizens and inhabitants. (UN)COMMUN SPACES aims at supporting the strong growth of this sector at a European scale to reinvent the relation between the cultural sector and citizens.


The philosophy


The partners will gather around them a circle of artists and a circle of citizens. This new collaborative format, a result of the IN SITU partners’ expertise, reflects their conviction that sharing skills, artistic vision and plurality of perspectives is today the relevant way to ensure that artworks will resonate with a large and more diverse audience.


  • Offer associate artists a multi-faceted path, where they will be supported for their artistic journey on a
    long term basis, rather than just their next project
  • Inhabit and regenerate public space by tackling the challenges of the European public spaces together with artists and citizens
  • Give meaning to more in-depth relationships between artists and inhabitants: explore the various ways of participation of and with the audience


  • A transnational mobility programme driven by the participation of the audience
  • A modulable package for associate artists and emerging artists including artistic laboratories, mentorships and co-productions
  • A cycle of exchanges on topics related to public space between artists, citizens and producers
  • A set of training tools for art in public space and specifically for audience development
  • An international strategy focusing on the United States of America and Asia


The activities


Offer IN SITU artists a protean and flexible path where they will be supported for their artistic career as a whole rather than only for their next project:

  • support for 16 associate artists over 4 years
  • artistic laboratories for 20 emerging artists


Open the network to the other stakeholders of the public realm, creating spaces for exchange where artists, producers and citizens can imagine how art contributes to societal changes (and vice versa), transforming the relationship between the cultural world and the citizens, and paving the way for a new relationship
with the audience:

  • a circle of associate artists
  • a circle of associate citizens, people from the civil society


Reclaim the spaces: urban renewal, placemaking, evolution of rural areas, privatisation of public space
Reconnect people: diversity, social justice, cultural identity, social inclusion, intergenerational alliance
Face the future: climate change, democracy, technology & digital world…


Create customizable routes/mobilities for artistic projects depending on the type of participation and the type of adaptation to the local context:

  • collections of words, sounds, local stories
  • co-adaptations
  • meetings between audiences from different countries
  • other participative projects and presentation of artistic project to local audiences…



IN SITU PLATFORM 2014–2017 & ACT 2016–2020

IN SITU brings together a group of programmers who are passionate about new forms of art and public space. They have been working together since 2003 to develop joint European projects.

The expertise and activities of IN SITU covers scouting and promotion of artists, organisation of project laboratories and incubators, co-productions and promotion of emerging creations, organisation of conferences and seminars, etc.

To date, IN SITU has supported over 180 European artists. It gathers 25 partners from 17 countries from as many practical and aesthetic backgrounds which all contribute something vital to the network. Whether members come from a sprawling metropolis or a rural area, whether they are seeking to rehabilitate industrial wasteland or redesign landscapes, the goal is always to serve artists working with, in and for public space.


IN SITU is now working across two complementary projects:

IN SITU PLATFORM is one of the first platform to have been selected by the European Commission under the Creative Europe programme, it aims to highlighting and promoting emerging artists who are working outside conventional venues and contributing to the transformation of our territories

IN SITU ACT, a large scale cooperation project gathering 20 partners mostly from Europe will be funded for 4 years after its official launch in November 2016 until the end of 2020. It ambitions to be the European tool for the structuration of artistic creation in public space.


Emerging art for emerging spaces
Art Context Territory


A long term cooperation project

IN SITU brings together a group of programmers who are passionate about new forms of art and public space. Since 2003 they are committed to supporting artists working with, in and for public space. The network is led by Lieux publics – National Centre for Artistic Creation in Public Space based in Marseille (Fr) – and is developing through a number of projects supported by the European Commission.

To date, IN SITU is:

  • 4 successive EU funded projects
  • A partnership of 26 organisations from 17 countries
  • Nearly one million spectators each year
  • 180 European co-productions
  • 350 public presentations
  • A completed budget of 7 800 000€. 75% of which directly dedicated to the artistic action

From November 2016 onwards, IN SITU ambitions to integrate two different but complementary projects: « IN SITU ACT » and « IN SITU Platform ». They will run side by side and carry on from one another with the aim of structuring the sector of artistic creation in public space in Europe and of improving its visibility.



A new large scale cooperation project for IN SITU, the European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space

IN SITU ACT, a large scale cooperation project gathering 20 partners mostly from Europe will be funded for 4 years after its official launch in November 2016 until the end of 2020.

IN SITU ACT ambitions to be the European tool for the structuration of artistic creation in public space and to achieve four main objectives:

  • To become a reference model for creations that play with, in and for public space
  • To implement a European artistic support model encouraging encounters between artists, producers and audiences.
  • To develop an ecology of creation that connects artistic works with players involved in creation and the economic, political and social realities of Europe.
  • To share assets and resources and connect various actors involved in the transformation of the territories


IN SITU ACT and IN SITU Platform: two projects, one goal.

Granted with a three year funding, the IN SITU Platform 2014 – 2017 aims to highlight and promote emerging artists working outside conventional venues and contributing to the transformation of our territories. Over the course of three years, IN SITU Platform is developing a communication and brand narrative (storytelling), which is designed as a story to be shared with the general public, mixing technological creativity and high visibility at large popular events.

ACT structures the sector of artistic creation in public space, Platform works to promote it. Together they form a whole in an integrated system designed to structure the sector of artistic creation in public space and its artists, support their emergence and improve their visibility. Financial and human resources will be rationalised, pooled and clearly identified in order to expand its partnership towards a « cloud centre » model on a European scale.


Action Plan

Concretely speaking, IN SITU ACT is:

  • Transnational writing seminars;
  • Collective mentoring for projects under development;
  • 4 transnational pilot artistic projects supported by all the partners;
  • European and international residencies;
  • Printed and digital publications;
  • Training modules for professionals in the form of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and tailored consulting and expertise for European cities.
  • A European Think tank made out of elected representatives, artistes, as well as cultural and urban experts.


The partnership

IN SITU ACT brings together 20 partners from 12 countries, a story in 10 languages:





Stage code

Project Cros-sing Time by Stage Code at the festivals belonging to the international network IN SITU.



Atelier 231, Sotteville-lès-Rouen (FR) / Biela Noc, Bratislava (SK) / Bildstörung – Europäisches Straßentheaterfestival, Detmold (DE) / busart, Athens (GR) / CIFAS, Brussels (BE) / Čtyři dny, Prague (CZ)  / FAI-AR, Marseille (FR) / Freedom Festival, Hull (UK) / Kimmel Center, Philadelphia (US) / Københavns Internationale Theater, Copenhagen (DK) / Lieux publics, Marseille (FR) / Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Norwich (UK) / Oberliht, Chisinau (MD) / On-The-Move.org, Brussels (BE) / Open Arts Foundation, Plovdiv (BG) / La Paperie, Angers (FR) / PLACCC Festival, Budapest (HU) / Scenekunst Østfold, Fredrikstad (NO) / La Strada, Graz (AT) / Teatri ODA, Pristina (XK) / Terni Festival, Terni (IT) /Terschellings Oerol Festival, Terschelling (NL) / Theater op de Markt, Neerpelt (BE) / Tombées de la nuit, Rennes (FR) / UZ Arts, Glasgow (UK)

Network members

Artopolis Association – PLACCC FEstival / Atelier 231, Street-Art National Centre / Consorzio La Venaria Reale / Čtyři dny / Châlon dans la Rue Festival / L’Abattoir, Street-Art National Centre / Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Ayuntamiento de Valladolid / Kobenhavns Internationale Teater / Kosice – European Capital of Culture 2013 / La Paperie, Street-Art National Centre / La Strada / Les Tombées de la nuit / Lieux publics, Centre national de création / Norwich & Norfolk Festival in Norwich / ODA teatri / Stichting Terschellings Oerol Festival / Theater op de Markt / UZ Arts



These structures members of the IN SITU network have joined the META 2011-2016 project as Partners : their involvement within the project targets the touring of the creations iniiated by he co-organizers.


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