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Čtyři dny | Four days

Handa Gote Research & Development


The other work where the Handa Gote company deals with “small history” focuses on their own private archives. Veronika Švábová examines the history of her family and searches for important moments and seeming trivialities that have preserved in the memories of family members until nowadays and create the nature of a family community. Clouds are a subjective study of one’s own family presented in the series of images without a causal connection in the way the fragments of past events live in our memory.

How have our ancestors influenced our lives? What have they told us and what has remained untold? Which life stories keep repeating in ours? What mistakes do we keep repeating without learning from them? What do we know about them and can we understand their deeds? Which part of our personality have we inherited? What information does our body have? And how will our body look like in twenty years if we are still here? What results of actions or events do we bear? What do we really remember and what is our imagination? What does a family mean today? And who can actually still bake “clouds”?

Handa Gote Research & Development
It is an art company dealing with sound installations, motion and dance theatre, live music, research in the field of media archaeology, visual theatre and technologies. Their production is influenced by minimalism, eastern philosophy and the DO IT YOURSELF movement. It mixes Czech DIY, object and technology recycling, the cult of Cargo and inspiration by Japanese aesthetic categories of Mono no aware, Wabi a Sabi.


13. 11. 2015 USF Bergen 19:00