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Čtyři dny | Four days

Places of Act IV. 2012

Use Your Public Space

Places of Act is a highly successful project involving public spaces, which for the past several years has been working to inject art into the life of cities and their inhabitants. As the project’s organizers, we are extremely pleased to be able to see the concrete results of reshaping public space and increased interest in it. In past years, cooperation among the Visegrad countries has been highly successful and so we are again joining forces with partners from Budapest, Krakow, and Bratislava in order to create a project aimed at caring for and respecting our shared public space. The project also involves the shared history of these countries, which still need to learn how to take care of and nurture their public space. The project is focused primarily on art-related events (exhibitions, light, sound, and visual installations, performance art, theater, happenings, dance, screenings/projections, concerts, lectures, workshops, and more), which have been shown to attract a broad range of the general public and which thus can call attention to a specific public space. The project’s aim is to raise interest in our shared public space through site-specific artistic activities offering a highly personal and specific view of to selected locality.

The project is a collaborative effort on the part of five cultural institutions from four countries: Čtyři dny/Four Days (CZ) + Artopolis Association (HU) + Teatr im. Stefana Jaracza v Olsztyne (PL) + Teatr Cinema (PL) + Veřejný podstavec/Public Pedestal (SK). These organizations’ activities are aimed at international and interdisciplinary projects involving public space – site-specific art. One benefit of this collaborative effort is that it presents diverse artistic viewpoints regarding the issue of public space (architecture, urbanism, community projects, residential programs, cultural policy, etc.). Our mutual cooperation will not only enrich the participating organizations in terms of experience with public events, but will also have a specific, long-term impact on the public by enriching life on city streets and making it more pleasant.



Project No. 1

Paweł Althamer: Námestie slobody

18. 9. 2012, Bratislava, SK



Project No. 2

Rudolf Samohejl: Ticho!

22. 9. 2012, 17:00, ProLUKA Prague, CZ