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Čtyři dny | Four days

Divadlo Pôtoň (SL) – Nevesta hôľ

May 20th, 2010, Prague (Czech Republic)

The staging of František Švantner’s novel interprets classic material in a new way. Reality clashes with folklore elements, urban environment clashes with nature, imagination and dreaming clash with expression and naturalness. It is about search for oneself and redefinition of one’s own identity in present. Nevesta hôľ smears traditional procedures of street theatre in Slovakia and it changes to a post-modern myth in contemporary exteriors of a city.

Divadlo Pôtoň has been existing for ten years. It is a theatre that prefers its own production but the authors are not against classic works – they interpret them in an original way. The heart of the theatre is Iveta Jurčová and Michal Ditte, the dramaturgist and author. Their common stagings are interconnected by the sense for metaphor and poetry but hyperbole and humour are not missing. Stylization is demonstrated in acting, make-up and costumes. Theatre Pôtoň directs their own texts but it also cooperates with directors from other Slovakian theatres and abroad. Some stagings have been successfully presented at Czech and foreign festivals.