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Čtyři dny | Four days

Dora Sulženko Hoštová, Jan Čtvrtník


Everything you wanted to know about dance but were afraid to ask.
A new performance by Dora Sulženko Hoštová.

After four years of a creative time-out, the dancer Dora Sulženko Hoštová returns on the stage. Unlike the previous solo projects, she is now accompanied by the actor and dancer Jan Čtvrtník, and Johana Švarcová, the musician and DJ.

In this case, the process is not connected with Kafka but with being creative. Different points of view on the production of the performance in layers. The situation when viewers think about the final version of the performance is not very common. The new premiere in NoD will show what would happen if they followed the process of its creation. Motions, attempts, isolated motion, sound, the training of repetition, polishing the details.

The process is also about the way a dance performance should not look like: without a story, emotions, meaning… without humour, directing, detachment… Embarrassing, boring, long… Empty, naked, short… Without an end and an opinion. It is still insufficient and too much at the same time.

Jan Čtvrtník, the young actor, and Marta Ljubková, the dramaturge, who participated in the theatre highlight of the past season, Dechovka, by the Vosto5 Theatre, cooperate with Dora. Johana Švarcová as a DJ completes the whole performance.

„Dora Hoštová ranks among original dancers and choreographers, who keep searching for new ways of expression, therefore she fits in dramaturgy of the NoD. The performance of Process radiates the aura of adventure. I think Dora is now in the turning point of her life and the Process will be a breathrough,” says Adam Halaš, the dramaturge of the NoD Experimental Space.



14. 11. 2015 USF Bergen 19:00