Čtyři dny | Four days

Tereza Hradilková and collective (CZ)


/ Theatre, Dance, Performance
  • Monday Oct 3 / 20:00, Municipal buildings
    / Site-specific premiere
  • Tuesday Oct 4 / 20:00, Municipal buildings

The idea for Tereza Hradilková’s new dance solo was born while working on the dance film Beating, which was shot at Prague’s Palaestra boxing club: “I was fascinated by how boxers jump rope. I enjoyed the lightness of their movements, their changing rhythm, the movement of their arms and legs, which was a kind of dance all of its own. I was enchanted by the different kinds of jumps and skips; and what really got me was the sound of the jump rope that accompanied their movements,” explains the project’s author Tereza Hradilková.  

The dance performance Swish proves that jumping rope is more than just a children’s game; it symbolizes ambition, performance, and the attempt at reaching perfection. “Do you jump beyond yourself, beyond your limits, or are you in fact a prisoner of a vicious circle from which there is no escape,” asks choreographer and dancer Hradilková, who appeared at 4 + 4 Days in Motion seven years ago with the world premiere of her performance Promenná/Variable (produced in collaboration with Israeli choreographer Einat Ganz), which subsequently celebrated great success at many prestigious foreign dance festivals. 


Tereza Lenerová Hradilková began dancing at age four with the Prague-based Valášek ensemble. After attending the city’s Duncan Centre, she studied contemporary dance and theater (mime theater) at Amsterdam’s Theaterschool. She subsequently worked with French choreographer Claude Brumachon and also collaborated with Fabian Chyle (Germany) and Serge Ambert (France).

In the Czech Republic, Hradilková has worked with, among others, Nanohach (Brut, Woman in the Dunes), VerTeDance (Transforma), Kateřina Stupecká (Sunyata), British dancer and choreographer Andrea Miltner (Beneath the Skin), Petra Púčiková (on her own project This Is It at Prague’s MeetFactory), the Ponec Theatre (her first project, Deadline), and the Forman Brothers Theatre.

She is currently one of the leading members of Žižkov’s Studio Truhlárna, a performance space for emerging artistic projects. Her work is focused on contemporary dance, including its presentation and teaching in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Concept and choreography: Tereza Hradilková and collective
Dramaturgy and directorial assistance: Biljana Golubovič
Music: Filip Míšek
Projection: Dan Gregor
Lighting design: Pavel Kotlík
Technical support: Hugo Hejzlar
Consultation: Lukáš Jiřička
Costumes: Marjetka Kürner Kalous
Photo: Dragan Dragin
Production: Veronika Hladká
Co-Production: Tanec Praha / PONEC – divadlo pro tanec, Studio Truhlárna

Acknowledgments: Daniel Wunsch, Petr Horký, Jan Horák, Jakub Hradilek, Palo Kršiak, Festival Bazaar

With support from: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, NADACE ŽIVOT UMĚLCE


In Czech language
Duration: 40 min

The theatre premiere will be shown at PONEC theatre 12. 10. 2016 at 20:00.