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Čtyři dny | Four days

Zlíners Unit

A presentation of three current contests for transforming Zlín's city centre – the redesign and renovation of the "Gahura Prospekt", Comenius Park, and the pedestrian underpass on Labour Square.

/ Places of Act (ÚLUV), Lecture
  • Thursday May 25 / 7.30 pm, ÚLUV

These three locations all border one another, meaning that the contests’ winners will have to cooperate closely during future design stages. How do the winning projects relate to one another? What additional interesting solutions did the contests offer? These will be the topics of an evening featuring, among others, the winning teams of architects: Jitka Ressová (Gahura Prospekt), Pavel Mudřík (Comenius Park), Pavel Chládka (pedestrian underpass on Labour Square). One surprising feature of the Zlín contests is that, even though architects from all over the country participated, all three winners were local architectural studios. Was this LUCK? What did these inventive contests offer?

Organized by: Kruh www.kruh.cz

Lectures in Czech only