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Čtyři dny | Four days


Not Made for Flying

/ Theatre
  • Wednesday Feb 19 / 7.30 pm, Archa Theatre
    / admission 290 CZK, discounted 150 CZK
    Festival BUS 8:50 pm Divadlo Archa → Studio Alta
  • Tuesday Nov 15 / 7:30 pm, Archa Theatre
    / admission 290 CZK, discounted 150 CZK
    Festival BUS 8:50 pm Divadlo Archa → Studio Alta

Looking for the real Superman!

This captivating piece for seven dancers from various countries – which, according to its authors, “finds the beauty within the tension between hero and human” – is the result of a collaborative efforts between the Czech-Italian ensemble Deja Donne and the Slovenian movement theater group EN-KNAP. The performance’s main characteristics are its perfect movement technique, infectious energy, lightness, inventiveness, and humor. Not Made for Flying analyses the concept of heroes in the modern era, which looks for heroic elements everywhere instead of focusing on higher spiritual goals. The unusual stage design, with ropes of shimmering diamonds and superhero costumes, was created by Deja Donne’s artistic director, the Czech Republic’s Lenka Flory.

DEJA DONNE COMPANY was founded in 1997 by Czech choreographer and educator Lenka Flory and Italian dancer/choreographer Simone Sandroni. Both had previously worked with several renowned dance ensembles – Flory was member and Sandroni co-founder of the famous Belgian ensemble Ultima Vez, known in the Czech Republic for its appearances at the Archa Theater. The group works with unconventional movement figures and lighting effects. Its feature-length performances include: Deja Donne (1997), Aria spinta (1999), In bella copia (2001), There Where we Were (2003), Piotr and the Stars of Tut (2005), My Name is King (2006), Margine Buio (2007), A Glimpse of Hope (2008), and P. S. Martina la ragione (2010). Deja Donne has appeared in twenty-five countries throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

For more information:

Choreography and direction: Simone Sandroni
Created and performed by: DEJA DONNE: Martina La Ragione / Italy; Vladimir Ilich Rodrigues Chaparro / Columbia; Tina Runko / Slovenia
EnKnapGroup: Gyula Cserepes/ Hungary; Luke Dunne / UK; Ana Stefanec / Slovenia; Tamas Tuza /Hungary
Light design: Arnaud Poumarat
Set and costumes: Lenka Flory
Sound and music: Drago Ivanusa
Sound technician: Omar Ismail
Light technician: Arnaud Poumarat, Tomiko Arai, Omar Ismail
Drammaturgy assitance: Jess Smith
Rehearsal direction: Tanja Skok
Project assistance: Dr. Patrizia Becchetti, Judith Hummel
Photos: Roberto Faidutti
Artistic direction: DEJA DONNE: Simone Sandroni, Lenka Flory
Artistic direction: EnKnapGroup: Iztok Kovac
Executive producers: Lenka Flory for DEJA DONNE, Meta Lavric for EN-KNAP Administrators: Elisa Chianella, Julija Travancic
Partners, supporters and co-producers: Ludwig – Maximilian University Munich/Germany, Universita degli Studi Perugia/Italy, Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen/Germany, Nationales Performance Netz Foundation/Germany, DANCE 2010 Munich, Muffathalle Munich/Germany, Teatro Stabile dell’ Umbria/ Italy, Duncan Centre Conservatory Prague/Czech Republic, Emanat Institute Ljubljana/Slovenia

Duration: 70 min

The company DEJA DONNE is financially supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Region of Umbria and Municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno.
The program of EN-KNAP Productions is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and by the City Council of Ljubljana – Department for Culture.