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About ProLuka gallery

OutSITE gallery

ProLuka is an outSITE gallery with a focus on art in the public space. In 2017 the gallery moved to Bezruč Park, near Slovenská Street just above the Krymská tram stop. Our focus is on Czech artists, with 22 realized exhibitions to date. By its very nature, ProLuka is open 24 hours a day, making it a one-of-a-kind Prague gallery. The gallery’s curators are Denisa Václavová and Krištof Kintera.

We receive support from: Town District Prague 10, Ministry of Culture Czech Republic, Státní fond kultury, Prague City Council, Center for Contemporary Arts Prague, GESTOR – The Union for the Protection of Authorship
Media partners: Fotograf, ArtMap

New address:
Bezručovy sady, Praha 10 – Vršovice (park opposite to house Slovenská 23, Praha 2)
tram stop Krymská



Exhibitions at ProLuka since 2017:

Exhibitions at ProLuka in 2012–2016:



ProLuka  2012–2016

ProLuka is an actual unused empty lot on the site of a demolished housing block along the main avenue leading away from the city center (two streetcar stops from Náměstí Míru). The site meets all the requirements for the creation of an interesting and potentially successful exhibition space and for a place for social interaction. The site is visible and easily reached from the main street, accessible from the city center, rugged, a crossroads and a natural local center. It is a kind of gateway to the local residential neighborhood, a highly compelling, almost natural space that nonetheless is surrounded by typical historical buildings, which form a kind of architectural stage set.

ProLuka is an open-air gallery in the public space, and also a place for natural interaction with contemporary art. Our aim is to present a diverse range of artistic approaches within a local context and to help residents experience this location in new and personal ways.

Former address:
Prague 10 (Vršovice), between Krymská and Ruská streets, tram stop 22: Ruská

Project curators:
Krištof Kintera, Denisa Václavová (Four Days, Start Vršovice).

The ProLuka Gallery is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Czech State Culture Fund and the City of Prague. The ProLuka Gallery could not exist without Start Vršovice.