Čtyři dny | Four days

Ann van den Broek / 420PEOPLE

Phrasing the Pain

The newest performance by 420PEOPLE. Ann Van den Broek, the Flemish innovator and the winner of Zwaan 2008, the most prestigious Dutch dance prize for the choreography of Co(te)lette, did a tailor-made motion analysis of pain for us.

New choreography for seven dancers draws from the motion structure Ann originally applied in the performance I SOLO MENT(2008). The motion stems from pain and sadness a human being experiences when losing someone beloved – a partner, parent or a child. When entering the stage, each dancer also commences confrontation with their feelings – from lust and aggression to euphoria and total submission. Sorrow opens one’s eyes several times and makes it possible for unexpected forms and views to appear in the course of the performance. Captivating choreography, transformative force, rhythm and intensive emotions.


 Ann Van den Broek about Phrasing the Pain…
“It is about losing someone beloved in the first place; it may be a physical loss as a result of death or a loss due to a mental separation – when you feel that someone you really care about is growing apart. Such a loss causes pain and makes us remedy things. It is not always successful and then comes frustration and anger. Phrasing the Pain is about all these things.”


12.11. 2015 USF Bergen 19:00