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Čtyři dny | Four days

Three Sisters from Všechmastí

Divadlo UJETO (Czech Republic)

For audiences ages 5 and up
  • Sunday Sep 19 / 16:00, Garden
Free entry

Scenes from a marriage for young and old viewers, or “On the Art of Just Being Alive and Living For Yourself.” Based on themes from the Jan Werich tale “Three Sisters and a Ring” from the popular book Fimfárum. A realistic fairy tale about the ruses people are capable of committing when they are unwilling to admit that their wages have been transformed into nine tankards of beer and there is just one gold ring.


Divadlo UJETO is an unconventional theater ensemble whose core members are actors with mental handicaps. It is not a socially-oriented project or a therapeutic leisure-time project, but a serious undertaking aimed at producing theater, if possible under professional conditions, while working with the specific potential offered by talented and trained people with handicaps. The group was founded in December 2014 in the wake of the earlier five-year run of Divadlo Inventura. Ujeto has been headquartered at Prague’s Kampa Theatre for the past ten years.


Written and directed by: Ilona Labuťová
Sccnography: Renata Lhotáková, Martin Lhoták
Costumes: Renata Lhotáková
Dramaturgical assistance: Renata Lhotáková, Markéta Jarošová Těmínová
Music: Štěpán Smolík
With: Dagmar Filípková, Jaroslava Krpálková, Martin Vejman, Martin Vošmik, Josef Fojt
Orchestra: Štěpán Smolík, Hedvika Hrychová

The performance lasts 35 minutes.