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Čtyři dny | Four days

Day Blinds Me, Evening Soothes, Night Hides Me

Kolektiv Nesladim (Czech Republic)

Walking tour/performance
Sep 23 Thursday 17:00 School
Sep 23 Thursday 20:00 School
Sep 24 Friday 17:00 School
Sep 24 Friday 20:00 School
Sep 25 Saturday 17:00 School
Sep 25 Saturday 20:00 School
Price: 100 Kč

Suicide is still a social taboo and a frequently distorted subject. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic led to three-fold increase in the risk of suicide in the Czech Republic. This audio tour lets participants listen to one of six voices, based on original stories of people with suicidal tendencies or with surviving friends and relatives. The second part of the program involves a meeting between the artists and the audience within an art installation where people can share their experiences from the audio tour.

Founded 2019 in Prague, Kolektiv Nesladim focuses on destigmatizing mental disorders through theater. It seeks to call attention to intimate or taboo themes of the individual in contemporary society that usually do not find a place in regular conversation, to encourage debate, and thus to introduce the general public to the world of mental issues. Not marching in tune with majority society should not mean not being able to fit in.


Directed by: Linda Dušková
Dramaturgy: Sodja Lotker, David Košťák
Text (based on original interviews): David Košťák
Scenography: Petra Vlachynská
Production: Lucie Špačková
PR: Pavla Chlebounová