Čtyři dny | Four days

Future Forum III

I can’t stand change, or: How to free yourself from fear

/ Symposium
  • Thursday Oct 6 / 19:00, Municipal buildings
Price: Within the admission fee to the exhibition (50 CZK)

8 persons / 8 minutes / an infinite number of possibilities for changing the world

Held as part of the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival of Contemporary Art



“The apocalyptic expectations of today’s seemingly hopeless era brings with it the promise that we are in the middle of a historical moment of such importance that it makes sense to speak of a paradigm shift.”

Hynek Tippelt: Jindy, jinde a jinak, 2012
(A Different Time, A Different Place, A Different Way, 2012)


The third interdisciplinary “Future Forum” conference looks at our human ability to adapt to changes. Based on our current state of knowledge, it is clear that in the near future our ability to adapt to issues such as climate change, demographics, and the collapse of social systems will be a question of survival. We will be forced to change the way we approach society, the environment, and our individual lives. Put differently, we might also say: Who doesn’t yearn for change? People have a right to be dissatisfied with the current state of things, but are they truly determined and capable of changing established social norms, customs, and values? What are the limits of our real willingness to change our ways and to “live” change? How are we capable of changing ourselves? How capable are we of adapting to new situations? And what do we need in order to do so? With the coming changes, the human psyche must come to terms with the tension that arises between the desire for change and the realization of its actual impact on everyday life.

And how does it look in practice? One example comes from psychotherapy, where clients sometimes say, “I know what my problem is, so solve it for me. Just don’t make me change! I like the way things are, I have my certainties. I want change without change!”

For our discussion on the subject of “I can’t stand change,” we have decided to invite people who have hands-on experience with real, experienced change and with making it accessible to others. They are actually changing or have changed their lives and habits in many areas of human activity.


Invited participants in this year’s Future Forum whom we have asked to share their experiences with the willingness to change themselves:

Petr Hanzel – Bez obalu (Without Packaging), Institute for the Support of Sustainable Distribution

Monika Michaelová – coach, native and pre-Christian traditions

Milena Bartlová – art historian, Department of the Theory and History of Art, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

Milan Gryndler – scientist, Microbiological Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague

Blanka Dobešová – Ke kořenům.cz, alternative funeral services

Marie Hlávková – craniosacral biodynamics, deep psychology, astrology 

Anna Hogenová – philosopher, phenomenologist

Petr Maňas – inspirator, guide and organizer TEDxPrague


Moderator: Šárka Havlíčková


Questions for participants:

  • What habits forced on us by society and by how we were raised do you encounter most frequently in your field?
  • What changes do society and individuals in your field fear most?
  • How do you guide your clients/participants towards accepting change?
  • What does change mean to you personally and how do you deal with it? Do you feel like an outsider in your field?
  • How do you envision the future of your field/your activities?
  • In your view, are we witnessing a change in people’s consciousness? Is a new culture emerging?


Future Forum III is organized by the 4+4 Days in Motion Festival of Contemporary Art

Project curators: Šárka Havlíčková, Denisa Václavová