Čtyři dny | Four days

Drawing-Thinking Room

part of the exhibition Independent Research of Subjectivity

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  • Daily / , Municipal buildings

For the Drawing-Thinking Room, Petra Herotová has created a site-specific installation entitled People’s Room. Using black and primary colors (red, yellow, blue), she has covered the walls in room 217 with a grid of colored circles. Several marking pens lie in the middle of the room, and Herotová encourages visitors to contribute to her work and to collaborate with one another. Visitors can choose a color and color in as many points as they like, thus transforming the room into a space of dialogue, rest, and creativity.

Petra Herotová usually works in the medium of drawing, in confrontation with modern technology (copying, scanning, reproductions). One long-term topic of interest is all the things that drawings can be in today’s day and age, and whether they can withstand this confrontation with modern technology or what qualities they gain and lose. Through these processes, she also questions the traditional understanding of the artist as “creator.” Herotová works with two styles of drawing. On the one hand is pedantic hatching (both illusive/realistic and monochromatic fill); on the other are simple linear drawings made using graphic symbols, diagrams or illustrations.


Mon – Fri: 4 – 10 pm
Sat – Sun: 2 – 10 pm