Čtyři dny | Four days

How not to want anything, or how to want too much. That forbidden word, regulation.

discussion with Adam Gebrian a his guests

/ Festival program 2015, Public space, Discussion
  • Saturday Oct 10 / 18:00, Desfours Palace

At 6pm on Saturday 10 October, 4+4 Days in Motion invites you to a panel discussion on the subjects of development and its regulation, the different roles of private and public investors, and the creation of limits and rules for urban development. The panelists will try to answer questions such as: How should the public sector determine conditions that will also apply for the private sector? What is or should be the role of city officials in relation to the built environment – should they take a merely regulatory and “guiding” role, or should they be proactive, i.e., set a standard for others? How do they view their own role in these processes?


The panel will consist of three architects and one politician:

prof. Miroslav Šik (http://www.sik.arch.ethz.ch), who has long been active at ETH Zurich

Michal Kuzemenský from the re:architekti studio (http://www.rearchitekti.cz) and department head at Czech Technical University’s Faculty of Architecture (http://kuzemenskysynek.blogspot.cz )

Jaroslav Zima, partner in the D3A architectural studio (http://d3a.cz)

Matěj Stropnický (http://matejstropnicky.cz), Prague city councilor representing the Triple Coalition, member of the presidium of the Green Party, deputy mayor for urban development