Čtyři dny | Four days

DJ Johana / Closing party

/ DJs
  • Saturday Oct 18 / 23:00, Palác U Stýblů

„Most importantly, you’ll need dj’s, the cyber-shamanic rock stars of tomorrow. Everyone in the scene knows who they are; some fans even collect their autographs. Try to get the best, and be prepared to be generous, as they will probably have dozens of offers on any given day. Entice them by giving them
space to create. The best use the mood of the crowd as a kind of canvas upon which they can paint a beautiful picture of spiritual and social harmony. Some can drive the crowd into a frenzy of freedom. Sometimes you can see the Goddess Herself dancing in the bodies of those who have been set free. It is a most impressive sight.”

Jody Radzik, RayGun 1/1992, selected by Michal Nanoru