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Čtyři dny | Four days

Václav Cílek

Noah's Ark at the foot of Mt. Ararat. A slide lecture.

/ Places of Act (ÚLUV), Lecture
  • Sunday Mar 8 / 6 pm, MeetFactory
    / entry 50 CZK, discounted 30 CZK

Towards the end of summer, author and geologist Václav Cílek unexpectedly departed for Mt. Ararat in order to study a natural object resembling, in size and shape, Noah’s Ark. In this lecture, Cílek discusses the land and the course of excavations. The most valuable feature of this area is that, here, you can experience Sumerian and biblical myths as something real, something that is a part of our lives. Looking back, he asks why we no longer talk about these stories? When and why did they die and become nothing more than words? Perhaps we may find a key to understanding paintings of the Ark by the Dutch masters or the Jesuit teachings of people like Athanasius Kircher, who devoted an entire book to the Ark.

Václav Cílek (born 5 November in 1955 Brno-Židenice) is a Czech geologist, climatologist, author, and philosopher. He has authorizes numerous texts on popular science, and has also published translations of Taoist and Zen writings. Although he is focused primarily on popular science, climate change and environmental changes, the history of the Czech landscape, and interactions between nature and civilization, in his books he has also explored literature, religious studies, philosophy, theology, fine art, and all kinds of music.

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