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Čtyři dny | Four days

Boca Loca Lab


/ Places of Act (ÚLUV)
  • Friday Aug 29 / 9:00 pm, ÚLUV
    / admission 150 CZK, discounted 100 CZK

Czech premiere!

Tea parties. Aristocrats talking about wealth, about the problems faced by an accelerating world. Their admiration for the first automobiles, their astonishment at assembly-line production. Men and women spending time together, prejudices falling away. Except that… the course of history is headed inexorably towards the Great War, and Europe’s elites will soon turn into paranoid cowards, false revolutionaries, or unscrupulous profiteers.

Outstanding director and theater writer Jiří Adámek, whose works have appeared throughout the world, holds the Personality of the Year award in the area of alternative theater from the “příští vlna/next wave” festival. The author of the legendary “music theater” performances EuropeansTics Tics Politics, and The Jungle Book appears at 4+4 Days in Motion with a story of Europe before and after the outbreak of the First World War. Working with period sources, Boca Loca Lab presents a performance using contemporary theater language.

Skript and Direction: Jiří Adámek
Dramaturgy: Martina Musilová
Set design and Costumes: Ivana Kanhäuserová
Music: Jakub Kudláč
Cast: Anna Kroupová, Pavol Smolárik, Vendula Štíchová, Daniel Šváb a Petr Vančura
Production: jedefrau.org
With support: MK ČR, Hl.m. Prahy a KC Vltavská

Duration: 60 min