Čtyři dny | Four days

Hanging Around


Hanging Around is an international, multimedia project which brings together photography with music, text and performing arts, researching the state of hanging around in its comparability locally, as well as in European and international context, dealing with the appropriation of the close environment, the participation in social life and search for Heimat.

An artistic photographic documentary of people hanging around in Globalisation is the starting point of this project, followed by an exhibition as a parcours in mobile boxes and other locations, followed by the presentation of the transformation into music, which is either authentically chosen by the ones who were photographed or selected by the artists. Further more, dancers will develop performances based on photos, either as flash-backs or future outlooks.

The output of the project including the text, theatre and music parts will be shown at spaces which themselves symbolize changes of structures in the economics and/or society like empty halls, industrial areas or buildings.


Production: artscenico
Co-production: Four Days

1. prezentace se uskuteční ve dnech 19.- 26. května 2007 v Praze a od 25. srpna do 2. září 2007 v rámci festivalu off limits v Dortmundu /Německo