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Čtyři dny | Four days

Brass Band

Four days and Vosto5 invite you to the next reprises site-specific theater project

Brass Band

December 8 and 9 2013, 20:00 in Baráčnická rychta

more info at divadelni-noviny.cz (in czech)


Screenplay: Jiří Havelka, K. F. Tománek
Ddirection: Jiří Havelka
Producer: Petr Prokop a Vosto5
Co-production: Vosto5 and Čtyři dny


ticket BOoking:

Dec 8 2013 – 20:00
9 2013 – 20:00


VOSTO5 (CZ): Brass Band, Festival 4+4 Days in Motion 2013